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  • Why is it worth investing in a top, professional, reliable , live band?!

  1. Many of you may only invest in a band once in your life .The band can make or break the function so the right choice, and a budget that allows for that, is crucial!

  2. Singers with backing tracks are not bands! We provide the genuine LIVE BAND experience as a 5 - 6 piece, including guitar, bass, keys, drums and  multiple vocalists!

  3. We have been phoned so often, by people whose band has just cancelled on them at the last minute! TALL POPPIES has a 100% reliability record for functions. We have NEVER let a client down for their function!!!!  TALL POPPIES believes that 'The show must go on' and we pull out all 'stops' to ensure that happens e.g. Robbie, our drummer, discharged himself from A&E, saying he'd return in the morning to have his broken wrist operated on, with a plate to be inserted, so that he could play for the function that night! - Now that's commitment!

  4. TALL POPPIES has used over 20 years of experience to ensure we have professional, reliable, talented, nice band members on board! :) ​

  5. We are experts in song choice! It's not about playing the musicians' favourite songs - it's about knowing and playing what the crowd wants to hear and will dance to! We have fully honed those skills. 

  6. The main TALL POPPIES members have backgrounds in performing arts,  musical theatre, dance, public speaking, event management and hyping the crowd (aerobics instructing and smiling! ) That all contributes to a great function, not an ordinary one. Read about TALL POPPIES' backgrounds.

  7. This is all summed up by 'Reading our references!  Honestly - read those and you won't need to look any further!

  • How much does TALL POPPIES charge?                                                                          

Fees vary according to hours booked for;  if it's our 5 or 6 piece band; the size of the function (number attending) and the month of the year, November and December being peak season. Please simply make contact and our fee schedule will be sent to you, to make a decision according to your budget.

  • How is the booking confirmed?                                                                             

Confirmation involves a 10% deposit and a contract.

  • What is included in the charge?                                                                                                                There are many options, but most commonly, we are booked for up to 3 hours from start to finish time, with 3 sets and breaks. We can provide our own P/A and stage lighting for smaller functions .

            Examples of How the Band Might Be Booked: (Start to finish time)

  1. From 10:30 pm till 11:30 pm = 2 hrs min fee

  2. From 9 pm till midnight, for dancing = 3 hrs

  3. Play Dinner music, at 8 pm, then speeches, then dance music till midnight = 4 hrs

  4. Play cruiser music when  guests arrive at 7:00 pm, then play dance sets 9:30 pm - midnight, maybe with dinner, awards or other items in between = 5 hours.


  • Where in New Zealand will you play?                                                                                                      Usually only in Auckland. It's always worth asking though - you just never know!


  • Do you have any references?                                                                                                                        We sure have - from 2003 to 2024! Honestly, once you've seen who our clients have been and read what they have to say - you won't need to look any further!!!           Click here to read them.

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